About me...

http://pereezd-rnd.ru/layouts/ametist-lechebnie-svoystva-kamnya.html аметист лечебные свойства камня I’m a Capetonian through and through. I’ve lived in this city my entire life and feel inspired by its beauty, its ever-changing light and its people. Whether it’s with camera in hand, on my mountain bike or being outdoors with my wife and sons, the act of exploring Cape Town with my eyes is huge part of what gets me going every day.

обручи для бочек своими руками While I believe I was taking photos with my eyes long before I ever owned a camera, my formal education behind the shutter began at the Frank Joubert Art School where I studied photography. It was here that I developed, both literally and metaphorically, my love and passion for black and white photography. 

ммассобо клуб неудачников на ютубе читает стихи I went on to complete my National Diploma in Photography at the Cape Town University of Technology, before throwing myself into the working world as a photographer’s assistant. As any photographer worth his salt knows, assisting is the best way to learn and I did my time, learning from the best, absorbing everything I could about lighting, composition and making subjects relax in order to get the correct image. There was also a lot of lugging around equipment…  

http://kamitake.com/demo/shema-steni-s-uteplitelem.html схема стены с утеплителем After assisting photographers for a few years, I took the leap and established myself as a commercial photographer in Cape Town. A partner in Salisbury Studios, I’ve been shooting for numerous advertising agencies, design studios and magazines for over 10 years now. 

http://radionewlook.com/sharre/13-prichin-pochemu-1-sezon-5.html 13 причин почему 1 сезон 5 I see myself as an old school-trained, yet adaptable modern photographer, because since the introduction of digital photography, I have seen a drop in the “quality of technical ability” of the “new age” photographer. The ability to merge my technical and lighting background with the new and ever evolving digital age is an area I take great pride in.

уголовный кодекс рф статья 20 You’ll notice that my diverse portfolio displays a combination of my technical and creative ability, both in studio and on location, whatever the subject may be. My drive and enthusiasm remains constant and this is evident in the images I have created. I consistently aim to deliver to my own high standards. Shooting large format Leaf digital, supplying the highest quality files to my clients. 

уступка права на получение патента Professional, easy going and hassle-free, I’m the nice guy photographer you want to do work with.  I’m Denver Hendricks and I’m looking forward to working with you.